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Louis-Georges Tin (ed.): The Dictionary of Homophobia

Louis-Georges Tin (ed.): The Dictionary of Homophobia

Engl. by Marek Redburn. CAN 2008, 448 pp., hardback, € 39.95
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Based on the work of researchers from 15 countries, this global history of a central gay and lesbian experience is a mammoth, encyclopedic book that traces various cultural responses to homosexuality, in all regions of the world. Over 160 essays cover various aspects of gay rights and homophobia as experienced in all regions in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the South Pacific, from the earliest epochs to present day. Subjects include religious and ideological forces such as the Bible, Communism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism, historical events such as Stonewall and AIDS, personalities such as J. Edgar Hoover, Matthew Shepard, Pat Buchanan, Joseph McCarthy and Oscar Wilde, and other topics such as coming out, adoption, deportation, ex-gays, cinema, music, literature, prison, shame, lesbophobia, and biphobia. In an era when gay amrriage is a hot-button political issue, and in a world where adults and even teens are still being executed by authorities for the »crime« of homosexuality this is an important book.
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