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Judith Gardiner (ed.): Masculinity Studies & Feminist Theory

Judith Gardiner (ed.): Masculinity Studies & Feminist Theory

USA 2002, 386 pp., brochure,  33.95
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Why is there so much talk about a »crisis« of masculinity? How have ideas of manhood been transformed by feminism? Does feminism hold the key to the development of more egalitarian forms of masculinity? This volume addresses central questions about the analysis and construction of masculinity in contemporary society. It examines the ways male privilege and power are constituted and represented and explores the effect of such constructions on both men and women. With subjects ranging from Robert Bly’s »Iron John« to Tom Hanks’s »niceness«, this collection overturns old paradigms about identity, victimization, and dominant and alternative forms of masculinity to advance new dialogues between masculinity studies and feminist theory. Looking particularly at literature, film, and classroom practices, »Masculinity Studies & Feminist Theory« links the analysis of masculinities with feminism’s ethical and political agenda for the future.