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Matt Cook etc.: A Gay History of Britain

Matt Cook etc.: A Gay History of Britain

UK 2007, 256 pp., hardback, € 69.00
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Covering nearly 1000 years from the Norman Conquest to the internet age, it's a history rich in personalities, not only public figures like Richard Lionheart or Derek Jarman, but also little-known individuals such as »Eleanor«, a cross-dresser in Chaucer's England, and Mark Partridge, branded a »mollying bitch« in 18th-century London. »A Gay History of Britain« tells their stories against a shifting historical background of changing laws, fluctuations of popular prejudice, and unexpectedly influential events, such as the coming of the railways. It also poses some intriguing questions. Did gay persons from different times share a sense of sexual identity? How differently did 18th-century mollies and 20th-century activists think of themselves? What links - and divides - the expression of homosexuality in the playhouses of Renaissance London and the secrets and scandals of Victorian England?
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