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Jamye Waxman: Women Loving Women

Jamye Waxman: Women Loving Women

USA 2007, 128 pp., brochure,  19.39
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»Women Loving Women« explores the phenomenon of the contemporary »bi-sexual« or »lesbian« experience for the heterosexual woman. However, while lesbianism is indeed an emerging trend, it is also an age-old obsession that this book also addresses and places in a historical perspective. The book investigates the reasons modern women are more open to same-sex encounters, how these experiences can connect people and help them grow, and how regardless of one's sexual orientation, there is much to learn here about the nature of love, sex, and physical attraction and its unconscious determinants. How are these same-sex encounters less apt to create conflict in women's heterosexual relationships? And how does that actually spice things up with the women's male partners (many men fantasize about same-sex women relationships), break the ice with a best friend, or simply add a new dimension to their sexual history?
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