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Farley Granger with Robert Calhoun: Include Me Out

Farley Granger with Robert Calhoun: Include Me Out

USA 2007, 255 pp., hardbound,  24.89
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Working with such creative visionaries as Alfred Hitchcock, Luchino Visconti, and Nicholas Ray, Farley Granger was a celebrated figure in films like »Strangers on a Train«, »Rope«, »Senso«, and »They Live by Night«, bringing a memorable presence to the big screen. Behind his characters, however, he was and remains a complex man, full of whimsy as well as strength. Now, Grangerdetails his life outside the frame, including his then-taboo bisexuality. Drawing on a rich trove of personal insights, he describes his relationships with both men and women and how they affected not only his personal life, but also at times his career. Granger reminisces about screen legends he came to know like Shelley Winters, Joan Crawford, and Leonard Bernstein.