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Dale Peck: Martin and John

Dale Peck: Martin and John

USA 2006, 228 pp., brochure,  14.95
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Reprint of a classic coming-of-age tale that is also a haunting love story set in the very near past. New York, 1982: John is a hustler and falls in love with Martin, who becomes ill with AIDS. Martin dies two years later. To order his new existence without Martin, John starts to keep a journal and then to write stories. Interwoven with these stories is a second set of stories, also written by John. Each has a first-person narrator named John. Each centers on a couple named Martin and John, who are always, it turns out, different characters. John knows he is HIV-positive, but through his writing he learns to accept the prosepect of a life that, however brief, has at least been examined. »Martin and John« is one of the most inspired novels that deal not only with AIDS but with the grief and bereavement that are inescapably a part of every life.
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