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Jenny Olson (R): Homo Promo

Jenny Olson (R): Homo Promo

UK 2006, engl. OF, 90 min.,  29.99
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This collection of vintage queer movie trailers offers a crash course in lesbian, gay, bi and transgender movie history. The DVD collection catalogues virtually every mainstream queer-themed film produced between 1953 and 1977. It starts with the famous underground smash »Glen or Glenda (I Changed My Sex)«, progressing through to »The Boys in the Band«, and ending with the drag classic »Outrageous!«. We see and hear how secreted gay love affairs begin to first rattle in the cinematic closet progressing through to innuendo, and ultimately shouting it out loud and proud from the rooftops. »Homo Promo« has entertained audiences at gay and lesbian film festivals worldwide, including London, New York, Montreal, Berlin and Amsterdam.