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Jonathan Weinberg: Male Desire

Jonathan Weinberg: Male Desire

USA 2005, 208 pp., hardback,  46.95
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Examining mediums from sculpture and painting to public health brochures, this lavishly illustrated survey looks for - and finds - a lot more homoeroticism in American art than one might expect. It surveys how the male body has been portrayed for the last 150 years. From the academic-style paintings of Thomas Eakins in the 19th century to González-Torres's conceptual works in the »age of AIDS«, this book by art historian Jonathan Weinberg highlights specific artists while illuminating the artistic and cultural contexts in which they worked. Accompanying his text are 170 compelling images of the male physique by such artists as George Bellows, Marsden Hartley, Paul Cadmus, Andy Warhol, and Robert Mapplethorpe, works that address the theme of the homoerotic in vivid and often contentious ways. While they range widely in style and content, these artworks all share a quality of excess in the way they represent the male figure.