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James McCourt: Queer Street

James McCourt: Queer Street

USA/UK 2004, 578 pp., brochure, € 34.95
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The author captures the voices of a mad, bygone era with philosophical reflections, forensic anecdotes, and a hailstorm of one-liners. Beginning with the influx of liberated veterans into downtown New York and barreling through four decades of crisis and triumph up to the floodtide of AIDS, »Queer Street« positions McCourt's own exhilarating experience against the whirlwind history of the era. In McCourt's historical collage, an autobiographical thread prevails: young Brooklyn boy discovers Manhattan, grows up instinctively drawn to the artistic and pleasure centers its title evokes. Yet the book swells to bursting with other elements essays on film, lists of essential gay bars, invented characters bursting into Compton-Burnett chitchat.
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