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Douglass Shand-Tucci: The Crimson Letter

Douglass Shand-Tucci: The Crimson Letter

USA 2004, 403 pp., brochure, € 15.69
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In »The Crimson Letter«, bestselling historian Douglass Shand-Tucci follows the gay experience at America's oldest university during the years of its greatest influence, focusing upon students, faculty, and hangers-on who struggled to find their place within the confines of Harvard Yard and in the society outside. Combining the learned and the lurid, tragedy and farce, scandal and vindication, and figures of world renown as well as those whose influence extended little furtherthan Harvard Square, »The Crimson Letter« is an engrissing account of a university transforming and transformed by those passing through its gates, and of their enduring impact upon American culture.
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