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Elska Magazine: elska ALMATY Kazakhstan

Elska Magazine: elska ALMATY Kazakhstan

UK 2023, 140 pp., brochure, € 19.90
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Liam Campbell - ELSKA 42
This issue was made in Almaty, the largest city in Kazakhstan and a burgeoning centre of LGBTQ culture in Central Asia. This is the sort of place that we expect the bulk of the elska readership to know little about, and before coming here the makers of elska were also rather in the dark. Apart from vague notions of what a former Soviet republic would look like (even though it's been over thirty years since the USSR dissolved), and a few ridiculous images from that certain mustachioed mockumentarian who shall not be named here, the makers of elska arrived totally green and totally ready for anything. The result is surprising and exciting. From the group of local boys the makers of elska met there, through their revealing photoshoots and personal stories, Almaty is a sort of beacon for queer people across the country and from neighbouring countries as well. Whilst homophobia in Kazakh society remains high, the LGBTQ community has been moving further to assert themselves and claim their place. The courage with which these men summoned to bare so much for the elska project reveals how daring and determined gay Kazakhstanis are.
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