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Matteo Milaneschi: X issue 1 - inside the outlying bodies

Matteo Milaneschi: X issue 1 - inside the outlying bodies

IT 2023, 384 pp., magazine, € 24.95
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»X« is born, a magazine without a name, transparent shroud made only of what it contains. »X« is the annual magazine that changes shape depending on what it contains. »X« freezes on paper the power of visual art and his translated and it welcomes with joy the delirium of those who are called to write; pain, battles, sequence of errors, vanished memories and predictions that we don't want to ear. »X« is a non-historical open dump as a brutal representation of reality. - In the first issue: Hedi El Kholti, Louise Lawler, Robert Burton, Arthur Poujois, Brad Feuerhelm, Julie Peeters, José Castrellon, Duma, Johnny Dufort, Riccardo Conti, Achille Filipponi, Alessandro Di Pietro, Ambra Castagnetti, Andreas Peiffer, Lisa Andreani, Nicola Masciandaro, Matteo Milaneschi, Eliot Möwes, Luigi Monteanni, MRZB, Andrea Pazienza, Kenshiro Caravaggio Carena & Giuseppe Salis, Francesco Tenaglia, Massimiliano Tommaso Rezza, Kevin Kunta, Xavi Ceerre, Alsino, Pablo Dalas, Carlo Antonelli, Pavel Golik, Nyege Nyege Tapes, Mark Leckey, Mike Okay, Sabrina Tarasoff, Min SungSig, Charlie Fox, Sven Haramba?ić.
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