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Andrew Wilson: Beautiful Shadow

Andrew Wilson: Beautiful Shadow

UK 2004, 536 pp., Pb, € 13.95
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Patricia Highsmith, the celebrated author of »Strangers on a Train« and »The Talented Mr Ripley«, was renowned as a suspense writer during her lifetime, yet she was notoriously evasive about the sources of her fiction and refused to discuss her private life. After her death in 1995, a vast archive of Highsmith's diaries, notebooks and letters was found. Extraordinary in their candour, they detail the links between her life and her work. Drawing on these intimate papers, together with material gleaned from her closest friends and lovers, the author has written the first biography of Patricia Highsmith described by Graham Greene as the »poet of apprehension«. Wilson illuminates the dark corners of Highsmith's life, casts light on mysteries of the creative process and reveals the secrets that the writer chose to keep hidden until after her death.
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