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Niharika Banerjea / Kath Browne / Eduarda Ferreira: Lesbian Feminism

Niharika Banerjea / Kath Browne / Eduarda Ferreira: Lesbian Feminism

Essays Opposing the Global Heteropatriarchy. USA 2019, 332 pp., brochure,  49.95
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Drawing on the wealth of diversity of languages, cultures and movements in which lesbian feminisms have been articulated, this book confronts the historic devaluation of lesbian-feminist politics within Anglo-American discourse and ignites a transnational and transgenerational discussion regarding the relevance of lesbian feminisms in today's world, a discussion that challenges the view of lesbian feminism as static and essentialist. These writers, theorists, academics, and activists consider the wider place of lesbian feminisms within queer theory, post-colonial feminism, and the movement for LGBT rights. It considers how lesbian feminisms can contribute to discussions on intersectionality, engage with trans activism and the need for trans-inclusion, to ultimately show how lesbian feminisms can offer a transformative approach to today's sexual and gender politics.