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Federico G. Carvajal: Butterflies Will Burn

Federico G. Carvajal: Butterflies Will Burn

USA 2003, 310 pp., brochure,  33.99
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As Spain consolidated its Empire in the 16th and 17th centuries, discourses about the perfect Spanish man or »vir« went hand-in-hand with discourses about another kind of man, one who engaged in the »abominable crime and sin against nature« - sodomy. In both Spain and Mexico, sodomy came to rank second only to heresy as a cause for prosecution, and hundreds of sodomites were tortured, garroted, or burned alive for violating Spanish ideals of manliness. Yet in reality, as the author argues, the prosecution of sodomites had little to do with issues of gender and was much more a concomitant of empire building and the need to justify political and economic domination of subject peoples.
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