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Jason Bauman (ed.): Love and Resistance

Jason Bauman (ed.): Love and Resistance

Out of the Closet into the Stonewall Era. USA 2019, 224 pp. with numerous photographs, hardcover,  27.95
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W. W. Norton
A ragtag group of women behind a police line in the rain. A face in a crowd holding a sign that says, »Hi Mom, Guess What!« at an LGBT rights rally. Two lovers kissing under a tree. These images are among the hundreds housed in the New York Public Library's archive of photographs of LGBT history from photojournalists Kay Tobin Lahusen and Diana Davies. This collection - which captures the energy, humor, and humanity of the protests that surrounded the Stonewall Riots- celebrates the diversity of the LGBT rights movement, both in the subjects of the photos and by presenting Lahusen's and Davies' distinctive work and perspectives in conversation with each other. An introduction from author Roxane Gay speaks to the continued importance of these iconic photos of resistance.