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Claudio Macor: The Tailor-Made Man

Claudio Macor: The Tailor-Made Man

A Play. UK 2017, 111 pp., brochure,  17.95
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William »Billy« Haines was a popular silent screen MGM movie star who was fired by Louis B. Mayer because he was gay and refused to give up his lifelong partner, Jimmie Shields, and to marry the silent screen vamp Pola Negri. As punishment, his films were removed from release and sealed in the MGM vaults never to be seen again, and his studio photographs destroyed. It was an attempt to erase him completely from movie history. But Billy and Jimmy´s turbulent, passionate love affair was to survive and lasted over 50 years. This is their story. Claudio Macor was born in South Africa to Italian parents, after abandoning his acting career he moved to London in 1983 where he began writing plays. »The Tailor-Made Man« was produced in London and for off-Broadway.
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