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Jonathan Lerner: Swords in the Hands of Children

Jonathan Lerner: Swords in the Hands of Children

Reflections of an American Revolutionary. USA 2017, 224 pp., hardcover,  22.99
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This memoir of an American radical arrives at a moment of surging activism and rage. Against the chaos and conflicts of the 1960s, Jonathan Lerner probes the impulses that led a small group of educated, privileged young Americans to turn to violence as a means of political change. Beyond that, he tells the true story of an intellectually adventurous but insecure gay man immersed in the macho, misogynistic and physically confrontational environment of the Weathermen. Inventing himself first as »minister of propaganda« for a movement - and along the way participating in the Venceremos Brigade in Cuba and observing the Native American uprising at Wounded Knee - and then reinventing himself as high-rolling gay hustler, Lerner recounts an American journey from idealism to destruction.
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