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Adrian Brooks: The Right Side of History

Adrian Brooks: The Right Side of History

100 Years of LGBTQI Activism. USA 2015, 242 pp., brochure, € 19.95
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How queer activists changed the United States of America, before, during and after Stonewall. Described by gay scholar Jonathan Katz as »willfully cacophonous, a chorus of voices untamed«, »On The Right Side of History« sets itself apart from oral histories by pinpointing how LGBTQ folk have been in the forefront of progressive social evolution in the United States, bringing attention to names that aren't in history books - yet. Unremittingly honest and steeped in hidden history, this chronicle shares a multitude of voices being heard for the first time in a powerful mix of social history, journalism, and first person narrative. Offering something for everyone - from academic scholars to students - this account explores activism from the Edwardian Age into the 21st century.
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