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Edmund White: Genet

Edmund White: Genet

A Biography. USA 1994, 728 pp., brochure,  39.95
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Bastard, thief, prostitute, jailbird, homosexual, rebel, Jean Genet was one of French literature's sacred monsters. In works from »Our Lady of the Flowers« to »The Screens«, he created a scandalous personal mythology while savaging the conventions of his society. His career was a series of calculated shocks marked by feuds, rootlessness, and the embrace of unpopular causes and outcast peoples. This most enigmatic of writers has found his ideal biographer in gay US novelist Edmund White who lived in France for some time during the 1990s and whose eloquent and often poignant chronicle does justice to the unruly narrative of Genet's life even as it maps the various worlds in which he lived and the perverse landscape of his queer imagination.
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