Löwenherz - die Buchhandlung in Wien. Fachbuchhandlung mit schwulem und lesbischem Sortiment.
Deutsches Historisches Museum / Schwules Museum (e: Homosexualität_en

Deutsches Historisches Museum / Schwules Museum (e: Homosexualität_en

Companion volume to the exhibitions at Deutsches Historisches Museum and Schwules Museum Berlin. D 2015, 224 pp., brochure,  25.70
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The Deutsches Historisches Museum and the Schwules Museum present the exhibition »Homosexuality_ies« from 26 June to 1 December 2015. »Homosexuality_ies« documents 150 years of the history, politics and culture of homosexual women and men in Germany. The exhibition shows how same-sex sexuality and non-conformist gender identities have been criminalized through legislation, pathologized in medicine and excluded from society. It traces the legislative development of Paragraph 175 of the German penal code, which made homosexual acts punishable by law. Paragraph 175 took effect in 1872, underwent massive harshening in the Nazi era and was retained thereafter, being definitively voided in 1994. In addition to social repression, the exhibition also addresses the liberation movements of gay men and lesbian women, movements which took on a new dynamic after the legal liberalization in the 1960ies and transformed society‘s understanding of sex and gender identity.
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