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Hadrien Laroche: The Last Genet

Hadrien Laroche: The Last Genet

A Writer in Revolt. English by David Homel. CAN 2010, 296 pp., brochure, € 24.95
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Arsenal Pulp Press
During the last eighteen years of his life (1968-86), Jean Genet was preoccupied with the struggles of the disenfranchised and displaced: among them, the Black Panthers, the Baader-Meinhof, and the Palestinians. Hadrien Laroche's book is a careful philosophical and historical reading (though fascinating as a political thriller) of the acts and thoughts of various international political movements in the 70s and the 80s, and of Genet's own experiences and writings. It describes the adventures of a writer engaged with the »real world«, as opposed to what Genet called »the grammatical world«. This translation of »Le dernier Genet« considers Genet's insights, failures, and critique of humanism, and examines the way in which his energetic prose forged a new political, aesthetic, and philosophical relation between literature and the world. »The Last Genet« focuses on a critical moment in western culture, but also, on a broader scale, questions of borders, language, and identity, offering an alternative to Sartre's concept of engagement.
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