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Tennessee Williams: Memoirs

Tennessee Williams: Memoirs

USA 2007, 274 pp. with numerous b/w photographs, brochure,  17.95
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Penguin USA
Long self-identified as a gay man, America's greatest playwright Williams' candour in his book about his love life, sexual encounters, and drug use was found shocking in and of itself. Here, more than thirty years later, Williams' look back at his life is not quite so scandalous as it once seemed. Director John Waters provided an introduction to the book with the words: »Like having a few stiff drinks with Tennessee on one of his good nights as he tells you juicy stories.« These memoirs provide a unique perspective on one of the 20th-century' greatest playwrights, from his early years as an impoverished writer to his literary success, beginning with »The Glass Menagerie« in 1944, and the years of decline that followed. In witty, gossipy vignettes he recalls amazing friends and acquaintances from stage, screen and literature: Carson McCullers, Truman Capote, Ernest Hemingway and Marlon Brando among them.
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