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Kylo-Patrick R. Hart: Queer Males in Contemporary Cinema

Kylo-Patrick R. Hart: Queer Males in Contemporary Cinema

Becoming Visible. USA/UK 2013, 183 pp., brochure,  45.99
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Over the past several decades, mainstream films have gradually featured queer content and characters. Depicted covertly at first, these characterizations have become much more prominent in recent years, most notably in such films as »Philadelphia«, »Boys Don’t Cry«, and »Brokeback Mountain«. The author explores both latent and manifest representations of queer males in noteworthy cinema from the mid-20th to the early 21st century. Hart examines films pertaining to bisexual, gay, and transgender men, as well as transsexuals, transvestites, queer people with HIV/AIDS, queer teens, and others. Throughout, this book continually reminds readers that both mainstream and independent films communicate, reinforce, and perpetuate culturally pervasive notions of »normalcy«, »deviance«, and »social otherness«, in ways that frequently have real - and sometimes detrimental - effects on actual people.
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