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R. J. Cutler (R): The September Issue

R. J. Cutler (R): The September Issue

USA 2009, OF, engl.UT, 86 min.,  14.99
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Have you ever wanted to sit in the front row of a catwalk fashion show? »The September Issue« puts you in the shoes of the world's most influential woman in fashion, Anna Wintour, icon and editor of US Vogue magazine. Taking us behind her trademark bob and huge sunglasses, »The September Issue« is a revealing look at the inner workings and glamour of the fashion industry as they prepare the biggest ever issue of the magazine. At th eye of this annual fashion storm is the two-decade relationship between Anna Witour and Grace Coddington, creative director and fashion genius. Through them, we see close-up the delicate creative chemistry it takes to remain at the top of the fashion field.
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