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Lloyd Eyre Morgan and Neil Ely (R): Three in a Bed

Lloyd Eyre Morgan and Neil Ely (R): Three in a Bed

USA 2014, engl.OF, 81 min., € 14.99
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TLA Releasing
»Three in a Bed« is a romantic coming of age comedy about a struggling gay musician set in Manchester. Nate desperately seeks independence. After beginning a relationship with new adorable neighbour Jonny, Nate's independent lifestyle is shattered by the arrival of his two sisters, who come crushing into his life - one of whom is pregnant, when they move into his flat and refuse to leave. But as well as struggling with his fledgling career, Nate toils to understand his sexuality and keeps his private life a secret from his family, a task made more difficult when the three siblings are all under one roof. Everything is frantically turned upside down. Will Jonny and Nate find true love? Or will the pressures of living with his two sisters pull them apart?
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