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Derek Jarman (R): The Tempest

Derek Jarman (R): The Tempest

UK 1979, OF, 91 Min., € 24.00
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Prospero, a potent necromancer, lives on a desolate isle with his virginal daughter, Miranda. He's in exile, banished from his duchy by his usurping brother and the King of Naples. Providence brings these enemies near; aided by his vassal the spirit Ariel, Prospero conjures a tempest to wreck the Italian ship. The king's son, thinking all others lost, becomes Prospero's prisoner, falling in love with Miranda and she with him. Prospero's brother and the king wander the island, as do a drunken cook and sailor, who conspire with Caliban, Prospero's beastly slave, to murder Prospero. Prospero wants reason to triumph, Ariel wants his freedom, Miranda a husband; the sailors want to dance. Jarman's vision of the film is perfectly captured in the unorthodox male lead, Heathcote Williams as a surprisingly young Prospero who bears more than a little resemblance to the popular Dr. Who character from British television. Williams is not an actor per se, but a professional magician and dramatist (his 1970 comedy AC/DC won every award for Best Play both in London and at New York's Off-Broadway). Jarman said that he cast Williams "because he is Prospero," and I am inclined to agree. Williams brings a unique combination of menace, tenderness, and sheer loopy brilliance to the role. He provides a rock solid foundation for all of Jarman's visual and dramatic experimentation.
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