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Peter Cameron: Coral Glynn

Peter Cameron: Coral Glynn

USA 2013, 210 pp., brochure, € 19.99
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Coral Glynn arrives at an isolated mansion deep in the English countryside early in the very wet spring of 1950 to nurse the elderly Edith Hart, who is dying of cancer. Hart House is also inhabited by Mrs Prence, the perpetually disgruntled housekeeper, and Major Clement Hart, Mrs Hart's war-ravaged son, who is struggling to endure his thwarted life. When a child's game goes violently awry in the woods surrounding the house, a great shadow - love, perhaps - descends upon its inhabitants. Other seemingly random events - a torn dress, a missing ring, a lost letter - propel Coral and Clement precipitously into the mysterious thicket of marriage. The author of »The Weekend« and »Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You« examines how we live and love with a combination of wit and empathy and is concerned with the topic of repressed homosexuality.
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