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Staceyann Chin: The Other Side of Paradise

Staceyann Chin: The Other Side of Paradise

A Memoir. USA 2010, 282 pp., brochure,  14.95
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No one knew Steceyann's mother was pregnant until a dangerously small baby was born on the floor of her grandmother's house. Staceyann's mother didn't want her, and her father was not present. No one, except her grandmother, thought Staceyann would survive. It was her grandmother who nurtured and protected and provided for Staceyann and her older brother in the early years. But when the three were separated, Staceyann was thrust, alone, into an unfamiliar and dysfunctional home. There, she faced far greater troubles than absent parents. Iconic performance artist Staceyann Chin plumbs tender unsettling memories as she recountsdrifting from one home to the next, coming out as a lesbian, finding the man she believes to be her father, and ultimately, discovering her voice.
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