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Jeff Chu: Does Jesus Really Love Me?

Jeff Chu: Does Jesus Really Love Me?

A Gay Christian's Pilgrimage in Search of God in America. USA 2013, 353 pp., hardbound, € 24.95
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Harper Collins
When Jeff Chu came out to his parents as a gay man, his devout Christian mother cried. Every time she looked at him. For months. As a journalist and a believer, Chu knew that he had to get to the heart of a question that had been haunting him for years: does Jesus really love me? The quest to find an answer propels Chu on a cross-country journey to discover the god »forbidden to him« because of his sexuality. Surveying the breadth of the political and theological spectrum, from the most conservative viewpoints to the most liberal, he tries to distill what the diverse followers of Christ believe about homosexuality and to understand how these people who purportedly follow the same god and the same scriptures have come to hold such a wide range of opinions.
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