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Margret Grebowicz: Why Internet Porn Matters

Margret Grebowicz: Why Internet Porn Matters

USA 2013, 135 pp., brochure, € 17.99
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Stanford University Press
Now that pornography is on the Internet, its political and social functions have changed. So contends Grebowicz in this philosophical analysis of Internet porn, in her account, are symptoms of the obsession with self-exposure in today's social networking media, which is, in turn, a symptom of the modern democratic construction of the governable subject as both transparent and communicative. In this first feminist critique to privilege the effects of pornography's Internet distribution rather than what it depicts, the author examines porn-sharing communities and the politics of putting women's sexual pleasure on display as part of the larger democratic project. Unlikely convergences between thinkers like Judith Butler and Jean-Francois Lyotard allow her to formulate a theory of the relationships between sex, speech, and power that stands as an alternative to cyberlibertarian mottos.
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