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Rupert Everett: Vanished Years

Rupert Everett: Vanished Years

UK 2012, 326 pp., brochure,  12.30
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Rupert Everett's first memoir »Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins« was an international bestseller. Rupert Everett is of one of a kind: Mischievous, touching and nothing less than brilliant, this new memoir »Vanished Years« is filled with brand-new stories, from childhood to the present. Astonishing encounters - tragedy and comedy - vivid portraits of friends and rivals - razor-sharp observations of the celebrity circus from L.A. to London and beyond - there is something extraordinary on every page. A pilgrimage to Lourdes with his father is both hilarious and moving. A misguided step into reality TV goes horribly wrong. From New York to Moscow to Berlin to Phnom Penh, »Vanished Years« takes the reader on a wild and wonderful new journey with a charming (and rather disreputable) companion.
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