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Elliot Tiber: Palm Trees on the Hudson

Elliot Tiber: Palm Trees on the Hudson

A True Story of the Mob, Judy Garland and Interior Decorating. USA 2011, 183 pp., hardbound, € 24.95
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Square One
»Palm Trees on the Hudson« is the hilarious prequel to Elliot Tiber's bestseller »Taking Woodstock.« Before Elliot found financial success by bringing Woodstock Ventures to his upstate motel, he was one of Manhattan s leading interior designers. Then Elliot's career came to a halt due to a floating society party, Judy Garland, and the Mob: Elliot's glamorous society event turned into financial disaster. By turns comic and tragic, »Palm Trees on the Hudson« is the take-no-prisoners memoir that gives readers a more intimate look at the man who went on to fight back at Stonewall and who helped give birth to the Woodstock Nation.
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