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Ken Anderson: Sea Change

Ken Anderson: Sea Change

An Example of the Pleasure Principle. USA 2012, 377 pp., brochure, € 17.95
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Four tourists meet in Italy and decide to travel together. Tyler is a bisexual writer with terrible secrets. Josh is a young architecture student - grief-stricken over a man who went back to his wife. Phil and Billie are an older straight couple who bond with Josh because their son had the same name. The four form a real, emotionally strong family, and at dinner one night, Tyler says, »I've had such bad luck with women, maybe I should try men.« - »If you're going to try men«, Josh responds, »try me.« This is the beginning of an impulsive romance. Follow the four as they tour not only the sights of southern Italy, but also the museums and ruins of their own interior landscapes. And so it shows that bi is just a stop on the way to gay.
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