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Timothy Mo: Pure

Timothy Mo: Pure

UK 2012, 388 pp., hardbound,  27.95
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Anglo-Chinese author Timothy Mo - with a string of Booker Prize nominations - slipped off the radar when he moved to the Far East and started to self-publish his work. »Pure« - his new book - is a morally ambiguous romp about Islamic jihad in South East Asia as seen through the eyes of a rumbustious Thai ladyboy. Snooky, a drug-addicted Muslim born into the wrong corporeal and social circumstances in the Malay south of Thailand, writes well-received film reviews for a local anglophone paper when not selling or pleasuring her body. Despised by her father, reviled by her brother, she lands herself in hot water when the police bust an orgy she is attending. Faced with years behind bars, Snooky is recruited by the secret services and forced to inveigle her way into an Islamist terrorist cell bent on establishing a pan-Islamic theocracy in South East Asia. Snooky is gradually gaining the network's trust.