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Nick Langat: Forever - or Death Is Just a Waste of Time

Nick Langat: Forever - or Death Is Just a Waste of Time

In Memory of Thaworn Phrarach. Thailand 2012, 80 pp., hardbound,  16.95
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The photos in this book were taken by Nick during his journeys with Thaworn, his Thai boyfriend. It is the follow-up to the previous book »InNoSense - A Journey of Love«. The couple traveled around the world, and wherever they were Thaworn was always in the centre of photography as the photographer's lover. The English text to accompany the photography was written after Thaworn has left his body at the age of 30. It is sheer poetry that is meant to make Nick's loss felt to even those who didn't know Thaworn. »Forever« - is a book of dedication. It is realized in a strong will to show that a love will last even if the persons you were once feeling it were long gone.
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