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Renate Lorenz: Queer Art

Renate Lorenz: Queer Art

A Freak Theory. D 2012, 180 S., brochure,  20.35
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transcript - Queer Studies
This is a queer theory of visual art - based on extensive readings of art works. »Queer Art« traces the question of how strategies of denormalization initiated by visual arts can be continued through writing. Art theoretical debates are combined with queer theory, postcolonial theory, and (dis)ability studies, proposing the three terms »radical drag«, »transtemporal drag«, and »abstract drag«. The works discussed include those by Zoe Leonard, Shinique Smith, Jack Smith, Wu Ingrid Tsang, Ron Vawter, Bob Flanagan, Henrik Olesen, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Sharon Hayes, and Pauline Boudry/ Renate Lorenz. Images are increasingly appearing in the field of queer art that undermine the established categories of radicalized or gender categories, or that show no bodies at all.
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