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Roland J. Wiley: Tchaikovsky

Roland J. Wiley: Tchaikovsky

UK/USA 2009, 546 pp., hardbound, € 32.79
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Oxford University Press
A giant in the pantheon of 19th-century composers, P.I. Tchaikovsky continues to enthrall audiences today. From the »Nutcracker«, »Swan Lake«, and »Sleeping Beauty«, to »Eugene Onegin«, to »Symphony Pathetique« and the always arousing, cannon-blasting »1812 Overture« - the works of this prolific and beloved composer are perennial favorites. Now, author Wiley provides a fresh biography aimed in classic Master Musician style at the student and music lover. He deftly draws on documents from imperial, Soviet, and post-Soviet era sources, providing a balanced look at recent controversies surrounding the marriage, homosexuality, and death of the composer. The analyses present new, even iconoclastic perspectives on the music and the composer's purpose and expression.
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