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Geoffrey Sax (R): Christopher and His Kind

Geoffrey Sax (R): Christopher and His Kind

UK 2010, OF, 90 min.,  24.99
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Based on Christopher Isherwood's memoir »Christopher and His Kind«, this landmark BBC adaption gives a glimpse into the decadent and politically unstable world of 1930s Berlin with Nazism rapidly rising. A young wide-eyed Christopher is keen to escape repressive English society when his friend W.H. Auden invites him to come to Berlin where gay sex seems so easy to find in many places. He arrives in Berlin at a time when the cabaret and the bohemien scene are in full swing. Working as an English teacher to make a living away from home he rents a room in a house full of characters like old queen Gerald, or would-be actress Jean - all of them and others will be put into his books to come. Shortly after his doomed affair with sexy bisexual rent boy Casper Christopher meets his big love, poor Heinz, on a Berlin street. All efforts to start a living together lead to nothing. And Nazism is on the rise.
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