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Roland Graeme: The Temple of Skanda

Roland Graeme: The Temple of Skanda

USA 2010, 250pp., brochure, € 13.20
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Determined to turn his life around after a run-in with the law, Conor desperately needs a job, and a place to stay. He finds both with Murray, an importer, who hires Conor as his shipping clerk and live-in handyman. What Conor hadn't counted on was falling in love with his new boss - hopelessly, he thinks, because Murray still seems obsessed with his memories of Derek, the lover he recently broke up with. When Murray takes Conor along on a buying trip to India, the two men team up with Spence, an Australian anthropologist investigating rumors that a secret homosexual religious cult devoted to the Hindu god Skanda exists in parts of rural India. All three men's lives are changed after their initiation into the orgiastic mysteries that are celebrated in the temple of Skanda.
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