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Delroy Constantine-Simms (ed.): The Greatest Taboo

Delroy Constantine-Simms (ed.): The Greatest Taboo

USA 2001, 460 pp., brochure, € 22.67
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Does homosexuality remain the greatest taboo in Black culture? Is homosexuality a European cultural imposition on Africans? Are you Black first or queer? The editor has compiled 28 essays from academics and writers of all ethnic heritages, genders, and sexualities to explore the often volatile relationship Black gay men and lesbians share with others of their color. The sweeping scope runs the gamut from a critical look at 19th-century slave quarters to postapartheid South Africa, from RuPaul to Wu-Tang Clan, from 1920s Harlem to 1995s Milion Man March on Washington, providing a clear-eyed social, cultural, political, and historical view of both the transformation and continued repression of Black lesbians and gay men.
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