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Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman (R): Common Threads

Rob Epstein, Jeffrey Friedman (R): Common Threads

Stories from the Quilt. USA 1989, OF, 79 min. + Bonusmat. 52 min. , € 19.99
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Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman created this documentary with the cumulative emotional impact of great tragedy - narrated by Dustin Hoffman and featuring the original score composed and performed by Bobby McFerrin. In the late 1970s, a mysterious new disease began infecting and killing gay men. »Common Threads« tells the story of the first decade of the AIDS epidemic, as told through the lives of five very diverse individuals who shared a common fate. Using the monumental NAMES Project AIDS Memorial Quilt as its central metaphor, the film weaves together personal memories and TV news stories to expose the U.S. government's failure to respond to the growing epidemic, and the vibrant protest movement that was born as a result.
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