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David M. Halperin, Valerie Traub (eds.): Gay Shame

David M. Halperin, Valerie Traub (eds.): Gay Shame

USA 2009, 395 pp. + DVD »Gay Shame«, brochure ,  79.95
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For half a century, »gay pride« has been the rallying cry of the lesbian and gay rights movement. But has something been lost in the drive to transform homosexuality from a perversion to an identity - the sort of identity that decent people can be proud of? Has homosexuality become too respectable for its own good? This book seeks to lift the ban that gay pride has imposed on disreputable aspects of homosexuality. A variety of contributors explore bad emotions, strange desires, wrong bodies, dissident gender identities, embarrassing moments from the lesbian and gay pat, or earlier queer figures that gay pride is now ashamed of. Might it be productive to reclaim the shame that gay pride is too proud to avow?
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