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Elisa Glick: Materializing Queer Desire

Elisa Glick: Materializing Queer Desire

Oscar Wilde to Andy Warhol. USA 2009, 220 pp., brochure, € 29.95
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How did the queer subject come to occupy such a central, and in many respects, contradictory place in the modern world of the early 20th century? What role has capitalism played in the development of modern gay and lesbian identities? This book focuses on the figure of the dandy to explore how and why gay and lesbian subjects became heroes of modern life. The author argues that the gay subject emerged out of the specifically modern, capitalist contradiction between the public world of production and the private world of consumption. Boldly bringing modernism into dialogue with Marxist and queer theory, the author offers an innovative, materialist account of modern queer consciousness that challenges tendencies to oppose »private« eroticism and the systems of value that govern »public« interests.
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