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Paul Rudnick: I Shudder

Paul Rudnick: I Shudder

And Other Reactions to Life, Death, and New Jersey. USA 2009, 318 pp., hardbound, € 21.79
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In his plays, his screenplays (»Jeffrey«), and his writing for the »New Yorker«, Paul Rudnick has established himself as a comic master whose talents transcend genre. Now, in »I Shudder«, he trains his wickedly perceptive eye on everything from his New Jersey family to Hollywood to demented alcoholic Broadway stars waving swords. At his Uncle Rudy's funeral, Rudnick's beloved Aunt Lil put one hand on her husband's coffin and her other hand on Rudnick's shoulder and said, »Your Uncle Rudy always loved you. He never understood why, in your writing, you had to use that kind of language, but he loved you.« This book is rendered in Rudnick's gorgeous, zinger-laden prose and reminds us of the need to keep our tongues sharp in the midst of life's many obstacles and absurdities. Here is a collection from a writer who ranks with David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs.
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