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W.C. Harris: Queer Externalities

W.C. Harris: Queer Externalities

Hazardous Encounters in American Culture. USA 2009, 251 pp., brochure,  34.95
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In TV shows such as »Queer Eye for the Straight Guy«, and movies like »Brokeback Mountain«, as well as gay young adult novels and other media coverage of queer people - including the outing of several prominent Republicans - queer lives are becoming more visible in the media and in U.S. culture more generally. How does the increasing visibility of queer subjects within mainstream culture affect possibilities for radical and transformative queer activism? Provocative and challenging, the author argues that rather than simply being a cause for celebration, this »mainstreaming« of queer lives may have as many negative effects as positive ones for contemporary gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people. The author builds on the work of queer and political theorists such as Eve Sedgwick, and David Halperin to examine the side effects that can be generated when queers assimilate.
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