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Aiden Shaw: Sordid Truths

Aiden Shaw: Sordid Truths

Selling My Innocence for a Taste of Stardom. USA 2009, 235 pp., brochure, € 14.39
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This autobiography chronicles the author's ascent from being just another broke and very horny college boy, who dabbled with the idea that he could sell his young body for hard cash, to becoming the internationally renowned adult film idol. After finishing just one year of his BA degree he was 21 and easily lured away from study by the lusty mix of sex and money in London. Within a short time on the scene, he'd gained infamy and was something of a celebrity within his field. Peddling his flesh took him to the steamy underbelly of the UK's decadent capital city in the late 80s. Here he rubbed shoulders and other body parts with wealthy, weird, and wonderful eccentrics, celebrities. However, working as a prostitute turned minor league once gay porn sensation Chi Chi LaRue took Polaroids of Shaw naked and aroused and launched his career that's been documented by the adult industry's leading studios in more than 50 films.
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