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Elizabeth J. Meyer: Gender, Bullying, and Harassment

Elizabeth J. Meyer: Gender, Bullying, and Harassment

Strategies to End Sexism and Homophobia in Schools. USA/UK 2009, 102 pp., brochure, € 32.95
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While there have been countless studies of bullying and harassment in schools, none have examined the key gender issues related to these behaviors. In this book, the author offers readers tangible and flexible suggestions to help them positively transform the culture of their school and reduce the incidences of gendered harassment. The text integrates research, theory, and practical ideas connected to issues of sex, gender, sexual orientation, bullying, and harassment, it defines important terms, such as bullying, (hetero)sexual harassment, sexual-orientation harassment, and harassment because of gender nonconformity. It also provides an overview of the legal issues involved in addressing gender and harassment in schooling. And, it also offers an annotated list of educational resources on homophobia, sexual harassment, and bullying.
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