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Michael T. Ford: What We Remember

Michael T. Ford: What We Remember

USA 2009, 342 pp., hardbound, € 22.95
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On the morning James McCloud, a Seattle district attorney, gets a call from his sister, Celeste, he senses his own long-buried family history is about to be dragged into the light. James's father, Daniel, a police officer, disappeared 8 years ago. Now his body has finally been found. The evidence leaves no doubt: Daniel was murdered. James immediately returns to Cold Falls, New York, to be with the rest of the family. His mother, Ada, seems worn out and blank with disbelief, James's brother, Billy, is 21, gay, and even more troubled than James remembers. His brother-in-law is the town sheriff charged with investigating the case, and the mistrust that has hovered between them still exists. When James's ring is discovered with Daniel's body it makes James the prime suspect.
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