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Sarah Schulman: The Child

Sarah Schulman: The Child

USA 2008, 231 pp., brochure, € 17.95
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Structured like a classic novel of legal suspense, »The Child« explores what happens when Stew, a lonely 15-year-old boy, looks for and finds an adult boyfriend online. In short order his lover is arrested in an Internet pedophilia sting and Stew's world is turned upside down. He's exposed to his family and community, leaving the young outcast to fend for himself against forces intent on his destruction. Desperate, enraged, and confused, Stew commits murder in a panic. Sarah Schulman's novel considers the impact of these events on all those involved - from the parents of the murdered child, to Stew's staunchly Catholic parents and the attorneys working on his case. Carefully untangling the actions of an isolated teenager denied a natural outlet for his feelings during a critical time in his life, »The Child« hauntingly reflects isolation and the prejudices of culture and family.
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